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This website concerns STEVEN PAUL ROMBOM, DOB 2.27.59 SS# 095-52-6371. It was compiled by A. J. Weberman (photo left) who has followed Rombom's life and career. There is no other PI in the US with a background even remotely similar to Rambam. And it started on the day he was born. According to Rombom's ex-attorney, Bob Persky, when Steve was brought from the delivery room to his mother's bed she became hysterical and shouted "That's not my child." Steve spent the majority of his childhood shuttling between various mental institutions such as Pleasantville. The reason for his institutionalization remains unclear but there was talk among members of the Jewish Defense League (of which Steve was a leading member) that he had attacked his mother in some way or another. Steve adopted an institutionalized mentality and turned into a cunning psychopath. I came across Steve in the early 1980's when he was spying on Jewish militants in return for his PI ticket. He had just gotten out of Federal Prison for a series of terroristic acts against Soviet installations in New York City. Mordechai Levy brought him my loft at 6 Bleecker Street. He had good bona fides having served time and did not apparently rat anyone out so I trusted him. I donated money to his Jewish Activists Alliance, which I later found out did not exist. I went with him and his father to make a straw purchase of an assault weapon allegedly to be used for training purposes at a non existent camp in the Catskills. Not only was this guy a con man soon it became clear that he was a snitch.

Although it took Irv Rubin (photo right) of the Jewish Defense League many years he eventually also realized Rombom was a snitch and put it on the JDL website. Rombom threatened to sue Rubin if he didn't take the information down. Rubin complied with his wishes as he was afraid of losing his house and compromising people in the course of the law suit. The thing that tipped off Rubin to Rombom being a snitch was that after the FBI offered a million dollar reward for information leading to the conviction of the men who assassinated Arab Anti-Discrimination League head Alex Odeh, Rombom visited Irv and started asking pointed questions. Everyone who Irv mentioned later got visits from the FBI. Rubin was eventually arrested for plotting to blow up a Mosque, bomb the office of Congressman Issa and other terrorist acts. He committed suicide in prison rather than reveal the names of those involved in the Odeh hit as my guess is that he supplied the explosives to the crew. This was the one thing the Jewish Defense League and the Jewish Defense Organization agreed on that Rombom was a snitch. The Alex Odeh event was preceeded by a series of actions against Nazi war criminals hiding in the United States. Rombom convinced the FBI that I was financing these actions. Eventually the FBI realized Rombom was making things up because everything Steve does is a con, and he often preys on the militant Jewish community or on Jews in general: Rambam's early exploits involved suckering a bunch of Hasidim (Orthodox Jews), into getting involved in credit card fraud. None of these guys had prior criminal records.

Steve and his partner Gary Alan Kurtz are extremely litigious. They go after anyone who tells the truth about them but I document everything I write about Rambam and Kurtz. They have been after me for years trying to shut down this website. Some of the Federal Court documents I cite were given to me in error and have been sealed at Rombom's request. When Rombom sued me for libel I was unable to introduce these documents into evidence so Rombom was able to get a judgment against me. In fact the judge in this case, Judge Jones, ordered that I would be arrested and charged with contempt of court if I ever wrote about Steve Rombom again as he issued an order of prior restraint generally reservered for national security cases. He was the same judge who tried to destroy the Transit Workers Union here and was appointed to the Appellate Division by the disgraced Governor Elliot "bareback" Spitzer. The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Second Department overturned that provision. Rambam and his partner Gary Kurtz are still trying to use the judgment to shut down this website and others by claiming the URLs are assets. They are not even mine. My fellow Yippie David Bernis lets me use them for free. So they are suing Bernis even though California courts lack jurisdiction. Clicke HERE for Motion to Quash Subpoena Based on Lack of Jurisdiction that will probably be denied by Judge Maria Stratton.

I knew Rombom personally and have been following his activites for decades. What emerges is the profile of not only a grifter but a sexual pervert. If you have any info on Rombom we would be happy to evaluate it. Email All replies will be kept confidential. Or call the Steve Rombom Hotline with tips: 917-374-7024.


Steve Rombom is currently employed by the NXIVM cult for the purpose of intimidating its ex-members. This cult is the brainchild of Keith Raniere, a ex-hippy new age executive reprogrammer. You can read all about this by clicking HERE. With the money Rombom has made from intimidating ex-cult members he has hired the firm of Gusrae, Kaplan and Nusbaum 120 Wall Street 212-269-1400 to shut down this website. The attorneys who are handling the case there are Marlen Kruzhkov and Matthew B. Baum I have been deposed and will soon be posting excepts from my deposition. They are wasting their time as I have no assets and live off the kindness of others who make sporadic donations to the JDO although a lot of this money goes out to pay infiltrators and other clandestine purposes. I have good legal representation, unlike California, where I am pro se in a Van Nuys courthouse that is the butt of jokes about its sleaziness in the sitcom Two and a Half Men. As long as I show up for hearings there is nothing they can do to me as New York State was the first state to abolish debtors prison.


For a short period of time Gary Kurtz had the Bronfman NXIVM account which consisted of threatening ex-NXIVM cult members with legal action if they exposed this cult started by Keith Renier. The articles about how Rombom was threatening ex-cult members said Rombom was working for "a California attorney." That was Kurtz. Kurtz's ex-wife saw an email in which it was stated that NXIVM cult no longer wished to employ Kurtz. This was a lucrative account involving the Bronfman dynastic family but when the Bronfman's came across this website they dropped them like hot potatoes. They read the story about Kurtz being a sex addict and felt he was too easily discredited.

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    Perhaps you have read the above and feel that Rombom is just the type of sleazy PI you are looking for. But before you hire Steve Rombom listen to this mp3 playing in the background. You can hear it for yourself: Rombom admiting he was (and maybe he still is) an FBI informer. If you engage him as a PI you can bet he will inform the FBI about anything illegal or paralegal you ask him to do. I was convicted of libel for saying that Rombom is an FBI snitch and here Steve is threatening that he is going to go to Congress and tell them about all the black bag jobs and other illegal stuff he did for the Feds unless they dropped the charges against him. This became public after Rambam was arrested for impersonating an FBI Agent. While he was fighting those charges he made this broadcast:

    I can't give you the details but I will be able to on the 16th [of November], because it is going to be ongoing at that point. There's a guy that's a former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI who now is a Congressional Aid who took this to his boss and his boss says, "We're holding hearings!" This is going to be a very big deal...The people who came an arrested me are my professional collegues. I worked with these guys [informing]. I have gone out to dinner with these guys. I have done a lot of work with a lot of federal agencies. [stuff they did not want to do themselves]

    Rombom claimed that there were going to be hearings into the FBI's use of informants like himself and a lot of dirt was going to come out so the Justice Department better drop the charges against him. He goes on to say "I am going to sue the FBI for a hunkin big amount of money" although he never sued. And sure enough on October 13, 2006 the United States Attorney moved to dismiss all charges against Rombom and the judge granted this motion. A deal was made where Jack Littman's client xxx would plead guilty to money laundering in return for the charges being dropped against Rombom. xxx attorney was afraid that if Rombom was squeezed he would give him up. When Rombom spoke at the latest Hackers Convention no mention of these hearings was made nor did the hackers question him about this! There were no hearings. Rombom was just greymailing the FBI which worked. What do you think he meant by professional collegues? HIS FBI HANDLERS. What a travesty of justice. That is why clients who hired Rombom were invesigated by numerous government agencies local, state and federal. But the only way Steve Rombom can hurt you is you trust him as I once did. Once you know he is a con man, snitch and pervert he is neutralized.


    Steve Rombom is a convicted terrorist who spent his youth in various mental institutions. He was arrested for impersonating an FBI agent. He has no credibility and will be ripped apart by opposing counsel after they Google his name and discover this website which is ranked #1.



    I knew Rombom pretty well at one time and I now believe he is, and always was gay. But for many years the thought never crossed my mind. Steve brought around Jewish beauty queens to my loft at 6 Bleecker Street but these relationships never lasted long. Once he brought two women around! I suspected nothing. Then Rambam took me to court. It was there that I spoke with Rambam and Rambam told me he was still not married. During a recent deposition Rombom stated, "As a matter of fact I am married" but anything that comes out of Rombom's mouth is a lie. I thought Rambam was a good looking guy and is over fifty years old (there is no way to tell his proper age as his attorney Jack Litman had a phony birth certificate issued for him so he would get lighter sentence in his terrorism trial) and yet he still has never been married.

    This is from a blog in the Washington Post that went down after Rombom's bust, when there was a lot of interest in him. It seems to have been removed.

    Maybe he [STEVE ROMBOM] was taken into custody because he was molested by Emmanuel Goldstein who is a suspected Pedophile....Glad to see that someone confirmed my story-I wouldn't want it to sound like I'm firing off anonymous unfounded accusations. I also hope that the above comment really was just mistaking Emmanuel for John Draper-I certainly don't want to think that Emmanuel is also a pervert....Actually, he has been seen doing the same things in public. People notice it at meetings, and warn other teenagers. A certain person named Hitman from NYC 2600 mention to someone to watch out for Emmanuel. The kid went back to Emmanuel and had Hitman banned from HOPE 6. I have always wonder where to of the teenagers that alway hung out with Emmanuel went. RedHackt and Mr.Ohm disappeared from the scene after being close friends with Emmanuel...Suddenly pedophilia's relevant. I'll give this some context. All day friday and possibly all day saturday, (I can only vouch for friday) there seemed to be a team of legit journalists interviewing each panelist right after they got off the stage. Except they were using a huge VHS camera. And they weren't claiming to be a college class. yadda yadda. So anyhow it seems that each interview started out seeming quite legit but all of a sudden one of the lines of questioning became, "do you have any evidence that Capn Crunch is a child molestor? How about Emmanuel, I hear he hangs out with young boys." Then all of a sudden there are people all over here, all over the irc chat, all over the slashdot threads spreading innuendo about Cap'n Crunch and Emmanuel.

    Evidence of Rombom's involvement in child pornography can be deduced from the fact that he lives a double life. When the FBI came to arrest him they went to his parents home and to an apartment he claimed he was renting on his gun permit. His parents said he did not live there and the land lady of the apartment on the application stated that he was only there a few days a month. This is why the FBI had to arrest him at the Hacker's Convention. Rombom spent 3 days in jail rather divulge his real home address to pre-trail services. Note this about the bail hearing: how his attorney says he lived at the same zip code not at the same address. Click HERE To see how Rambam got away with not giving out his home address when he was released on his own recognizance. Rambam's gun permit was suspended when the NYPD went to his so-called office on Court Street or on 853 Broadway NYC 212-459-4446 and found he did not even have his own desk. Why all this secrecy? This was because he knew that had the FBI had his address it would have seized his computer and guess what the Feds would have found - CHILD PORN. Recent information on Rombom from Zev Yorman, who worked with him in illegal operations indicates that when Rombom was with women, they were women he had picked up in strip clubs and lap dancing establishments. Zev believed this indicated that Steve was not gay, however I pointed out the fact that these women had one thing in common - they can be hired. Zev said that when he visited Rambam in Texas, Steve had some really beautiful women with him but you would see them only on one occassion and then they would disappear. Click on the 2600 graphic to find that others have discovered the connection between John Draper and other 2600/Hope hackers and child molesting.

    Very interesting. Is it possible that macho Steve Rombom is a homosexual? When Rombom was trying to get out of prison he claimed he had been molested there. Could it be that what Steve worries most about is being outted? The people who put on this HOPE conference seem to be part of a secret gay phone freakers / hackers cult. I knew Crunch was gay, he lived in the Yippie house. I sent him money for commissary when he was in prison after Chic Eder turned him in. Crunch was gay. Crunch's friend in Florida, Cheshire Catalyst was also gay. Rambam is not just an honored guest each year, BUT HE IS ONE OF THE SPONSORS OF THE HACKERS CONVENTION. When Rombom was arrested at the Hackers Convention Emmanual Goldstein (real Eric Gordon Corley) had his parents phone number programmed into his cell phone and called them to tell them what happened to Rombom. Not only does Rambam speak at gatherings that teach hacking and identity fraud, he also give speeches at anti-fraud conventions.


    ROMBOM NEVER STARTED A WEBSITE ABOUT AJ WEBERMAN AND HIS UNSAVORY ASSOCIATES!! Rambam cannot help but lie as it is a way of life with him. That is why when he writes something about me he always does it under a fictious name or anonomously.


    As you will see from the rest of this website Steve gets plenty of media attention for stories that he invents or that never pan out. How does he keep tricking people time and time again? The same way Bernie Madoff did it. Steve uses certain key figures in the Jewish community to vouch for his bona fides, just as Madoff used Ezra Merkin. Steve also was partially responsible for one Nazi War Criminal's incarceration. He uses this article as his bona fides:

    STUTTGART, Germany (AP) - An 81-year-old former SS officer has been arrested on new evidence for the shooting deaths of seven Jewish concentration camp prisoners in 1945, prosecutors said Thursday. Julius Viel is accused of killing the seven inmates at the former Theresienstadt concentration camp, in the present-day Czech Republic, as they were digging anti-tank trenches near the Czech town of Leitmeritz. He was arrested Wednesday at his home in a village near Wangen, close to the Austrian border, after officials received documents linking Viel to the deaths, said Sabine Maylaender, spokeswoman for the prosecutors' office in Stuttgart. "These documents support the testimony of witnesses" who said Viel "randomly" shot the seven prisoners, Maylaender said. Viel was an instructor at an SS officers' school in Leitmeritz at the time, prosecutors said. Viel denies any involvement in the shootings and told investigators he was not in the region. Investigators identified Viel on information obtained by Nazi hunter Steven Rambam from a University of Montreal professor, who gave the name of a witness on the condition Rambam would conceal his former SS association, prosecutors said. The witness, who lives in North America, has been in contact with German investigators, Maylaender said. Investigators have also identified 900 witnesses in Germany and Austria and heard testimony from 300, she said. Viel worked for newspapers in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg for years, and was awarded the federal medal of honor in 1983 for encouraging hiking through his newspaper columns. AP-NY-10-07-99 1031EDT


    Steve's latest victim is an old Jewish man (who probably is not computer savvy) who came to "Pallorium" for help in finding the body of Alexander Rubowitz, a Israeli patriot killed by the British. Steve told the unidentified man that he would work just for expenses, and according to Zev Yorman, a former employee of Rombom, Steve is an expert at padding expense accounts. But when this man's savings ran out he conned some other Jews into coughing up some dough. After more than a half century has passed Steve claimed he could locate the body. Steve got the unamed concerned Jew to contact the IDF and then Steve used that contact to associate himself with the IDF. He will use this association with the IDF to con someone else into paying for another investigation that will never pan out.

    The Makings of History Beyond the Grave

    from HAARETZ By Tom Segev

    The Israel Defense Forces' missing persons unit is searching for the remains of Alexander Rubowitz, a teenage member of the pre-state Lehi underground militia who was murdered in 1947, and has even enlisted the help of a private investigations firm in New York. Two unit members attended a press conference on the matter this week at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. An American detective, Steve Rambam, claimed there is a chance that Rubowitz's remains will be found in Wadi Kelt east of Jerusalem, in the West Bank. It was an interesting event. Although nothing historically new was revealed, at a time when Likud is preparing to form a government, it once again illustrated the centrality of history in Israeli political discourse. When he was approximately 16 years old, Rubowitz was arrested. It was the evening of May 6, 1947 and he was in the process of distributing Lehi flyers in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood. The members of the British counter-terror unit who arrested him drove him toward Jericho. One of them, Roy Farran, beat Rubowitz to death with a rock, and his body was never discovered. The case kicked up a storm. Farran was court-martialed, acquitted, and returned to England. Lehi members sent him a letter bomb, which killed his brother. Farran emigrated to Canada where he entered politics; late in life he served as solicitor general of the state of Alberta. He died about three years ago. Farran always denied killing Rubowitz, but official British documents that were unsealed five years ago strengthen the suspicions against him. Initially, Rubowitz was only included in the heroic pantheon of the right-wing terrorist groups Etzel and Lehi. But over time, Israeli cultural memory grew to include individuals who did not operate under the auspices of the Labor Movement, at which point Rubowitz's name went up on a memorial plaque, next to the site of his arrest. There is also a street in Jerusalem named after him.

    The Rubowitz affair is quite well known; the unsealing of the British papers documenting the case was covered in a Haaretz article by. A new book on Rubowitz's murder has just come out ("Major Farran's Hat"), written by the well-known British historian David Cesarani, and Canadian Television CBC is making a film about the case. The main element keeping Rubowitz's case alive is the question mark that continues to hover over it: Where is the body? As long as it isn't found, Rubowitz is officially considered missing. Several months ago, a veteran of the Revisionist Movement who lives in the United States contacted Pallorium Inc., the investigative services firm owned by Steve Rambam, a former member of the Betar youth movement, and asked him to investigate Rubowitz's murder. The man has since run out of money, but several Betar loyalists in Israel agreed to bankroll the continued investigation. Rambam says he makes do with covering his expenses. At a press conference he convened in Jerusalem this week, Rambam claimed to have a lead on the body's burial site. He said he is working together with the IDF, but refused to go into details. This story resembles the search for the body of Avshalom Feinberg, of the Nili underground organization working with the British against the Turks in World War II, which was found after the Six-Day War with the help of a few elderly Bedouin in Sinai. As with the Feinberg case, the Rubowitz case also has a political aspect to it. According to Rambam, he has managed to track down several of Farran's associates, and the law allows for trying them as war criminals. Some of his Israeli associates think such a move could "balance out," or even thwart, the attempts made in Britain, among other places, to try Israeli officers for suspected war crimes, including torture of Palestinian terrorists.

    Steve Rambam, claimed there is a chance that Rubowitz's remains will be found in Wadi Kelt east of Jerusalem, in the West Bank...Several months ago, a veteran of the Revisionist Movement who lives in the United States contacted Pallorium Inc., the investigative services firm owned by Steve Rambam, a former member of the Betar youth movement, [Steve was never in Betar. According to federal court documents Steve spent most of his youth in various mental institutions such as Pleasantville. He was recruited by the JDL upon his release] and asked him to investigate Rubowitz's murder. The man has since run out of money, but several Betar loyalists in Israel agreed to bankroll the continued investigation. Rambam says he makes do with covering his expenses. At a press conference he convened in Jerusalem this week, Rambam claimed to have a lead on the body's burial site. He said he is working together with the IDF, but refused to go into details.

    Of course Steve refused to go into details because this caper is just one big hustle. Steve said the body was located in Wadi Kelt east of Jerusalem. How convenient, this area is controlled by the Palestinian Authority not by Israel so there is no chance the IDF could receive permission to search for it there. How does Steve know it might be there? "According to Rambam, he has managed to track down several of Farran's [Rubowitz's killer] associates, and the law allows for trying them as war criminals." Of course Steve never named any of these men and we have to take his world that they exist. But think about it. Farran was born January 1921 so he was 26 when he killed Rubinowitz. That was pretty young. If Farran's associates were in a similar age group they would be at least 88 today. Steve always relies on unnamed sources so we have to take into account Steve's credibility which is non-existant since he was arrested for threatening a witness and impersonating an FBI Special Agent. No body was ever found It was all hype. In this next article Steve again cites un-named sources.


    Rambam was hired to investigate a break-in at the office of the Labor Party in Washington by the Likudnicks. He concocted a story that the Labor Party staged the break-in to make it look like Likud was not playing fair in order to influence the next Israeli elections which had been decided before Rambam conducted his "investigation." The Jewish Daily Forward reported,

    A private investigator associated with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his allies is saying two reported burglaries at the office of a pollster for Prime Minister elect Barak appear to have been "phony". The private investigator, Steve Rambam undertook an investigation into to 1999 break ins at the offices here of Stanley Greenberg, a pollster for Mr. Barak. Mr. Rambam, citing legal obligations, declined to say who hired him. Who perpetrated the two break ins, which took place during the months preceding Israel's election for prime minister, is one of the questions that has been unanswered since Mr. Barak soundly defeated Mr Netanyahu last month. Mr. Netanyahu's allies are pointing to Mr. Rambam's finding that allies of Labor may have staged the break ins as part of a "dirty tricks" program that could have influenced Israel's election. A spokesman for Mr.Netanyahu, David Bar Illan, wrote an article in the June 14 number of National Review alluding to the findings of the private investigator and referring to "dirty tricks." Mr. Bar Illan wrote: "A puzzling incident at the beginning of the campaign involved two Watergate type break ins into Greenberg's office. The story was reinforced by the testimony of a cab driver who told the police of Hebrew speaking passingers discussing breakin plans on their way to the Greenberg office (presumably shifting to English for the benefit of the Pakistani driver). But this amateurishly manufactured sensation quickly fizzled. The driver confessed he had invented his exotic passengers, and the FBI spokeswoman for the case admitted to a private investigator that it was an inside job' and that the case was ordered closed."

    In an interview with the Forward, Mr. Rambam confirmed he was the investigator that Mr. Bar Illan was referring to. "I contacted some law enforcement people to find out if it really was a break in," Mr. Rambam said. "I asked how may people are out investigating this case. This particular source of mine said as long as there was even a 1% chance that it was an inside job, word came down from on high not to fast track the investigation, "Mr. Rambam said, refusing to identify his source. Mr. Rambam. said he had come to a "conclusive" decision that they were "phony" break ins.

    Mr. Bar Illan said the robberies were significant because the press immediately likened the incidents to Watergate. "Immediately the suspicion was cast on Likud," Mr. Bar Illan said. "I would like to know why the case isn't being investigated. Mr. Rambam said the full picture of evidence suggests the absence of a legitimate break in. "There was nothing in that office to make a break in worthwhile. They talk about confidential polling data. Bibi has his own polling data," Mr. Rambam. said. "There is, first of all, no significant information that has ever been gathered by any law enforcement authority that there was a real break in from outside persons." Of the alleged burglars, Mr. Rambam. asked, "How'd they get out of building? They didn't get out the skylight. How did they get in and out for the second burglary?"

    An FBI spokeswoman, Ehsa Foster, said Mr. Bar Illan's assertion that the case was closed was incorrect. "We are continuing to assist the Metropolitan Police Department in the investigation of this case," Ms. Foster said. "This statement was not made by a spokesperson for the Washington field office FBI." A spokesman for the Washington, D.C., police, Sergeant Joseph Gentile, said, "We're not going to comment on what the investigation may have uncovered." He said the burglary was still being investigated. A Washington based political consultant who worked with the Barak campaign, Steven Rabinowitz, also took issue with Mr. Rambam's conclusions. "I still have no idea who did it. I absolutely don't believe it was anybody who was seriously connected with any major, party in Israel," Mr. Rabinowitz said. "I don't believe Labor was involved, and I have never believed Likud was involved or the prime minister's office."

    Mr. Rambam is no stranger to Jewish causes. He has investigated Hamas groups in America and' turned up information on Nazi war criminals living in Canada. He has also traveled to Gaza to investigate a man charged with raising funds for Hamas in America. Mr. Rambam also figures in the Plots of some of the mystery novels written by the Jewish country and Western singer Kinky Friedman. Unlike some other Likud backers, Mr. Rambam believes Mr. Netanyahu still would have lost the election regardless of the outcome of the mystery of the Washington burglaries. "Even if we had actually caught the people and gotten confessions, it wouldn't have affected the campaign," Mr. Rambam said.

    A spokesman for the National Security council, Michael Hammer, said the Clinton administration had nothing to do with Mr. Barak's victory. "The Clinton administration in no way became involved in Israel's internal affairs," Mr. Hammer said. "The Israeli election was something for Israel's People to decide." Mr. Greenberg, who in addition to serving as Mr. Barak's Pollster worked for the 1992 Clinton campaign, did not return phone calls seeking comment. At the time of the burglaries, police said that materials were missing from his office.

    "Mr. Rambam, citing legal obligations, declined to say who hired him." Okay, so we don't know if he was hired by Likud who wanted the precise "finding" that Rombom invented. The Forward (a paper that lost money with the Madoff affair) stated, "The driver confessed he had invented his exotic passengers, and the FBI spokeswoman for the case admitted to a private investigator that 'it was an inside job' and that the case was ordered closed." "In an interview with the Forward, Mr. Rambam confirmed he was the investigator that Mr. Bar Illan was referring to." But when the FBI spokeswoman was contacted she denied saying this, "An FBI spokeswoman, Ehsa Foster, said Mr. Bar Illan's assertion that the case was closed was incorrect. "We are continuing to assist the Metropolitan Police Department in the investigation of this case," Ms. Foster said. "This statement was not made by a spokesperson for the Washington field office FBI." Now who are we supposed to believe? Steve Rombom, a man who spent his youth in the nuthouse from ages six to twelve and has a conviction for terrorism? Or should we put our faith in an FBI spokesperson with no criminal or psychiatric history? The article continues, "I contacted some law enforcement people to find out if it really was a break in," Mr. Rambam said. "I asked how may people are out investigating this case. This particular source of mine said as long as there was even a 1% chance that it was an inside job,word came down from on high not to fast track the investigation, "Mr. Rambam said, refusing to identify his source. Mr. Rambam said he had come to a "conclusive" decision that they were "phony" break ins."

    What did he base his conclusion on? Sources he refused to name. Where any Labor Party partisans ever charged with perpetrating a hoax? The whole thing was a hustle by Rambam to take the heat off Likud, which in all likelihood perpetrated this break-in. No one was ever charged for this.


    If you hire this private dick you are only supporting spammers. Rambam and his shyster crooked fixer attorney Gary Kurtz, sued Stephan Jared over a spam filter he had developed. Of course these two morons lost. FROM JARED:

    "If you wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by". I haven't really thought of Rombom as an enemy for years, however, as that part of my life is history. I don't make the assumption at all that Steve Rombom was anything more than a bully used to getting his own way, to be honest. Much of his "investigation" of me I assumed to be more of blackmail or an attempt at extortion of his settlement agreement. Fortunately, I've always faced my demons and he really had nothing on me that I hadn't already faced. Much of it had so little relevance that it was easily dismissed and never introduced as "evidence". He took the case as far as it could go, and I made the decision to fight it all of the way, rather than give him one cent. As you're already being sued by him, expect many objections over technicalities, anything but addressing but what's true and real. I see you've sited several references to factual information. That should stand on its own weight, but will likely have to be argued on a point by point basis, assuming you expect to win. Kurtz will likely challenge every bit of fact, trying to get any document removed from the view of the jury, as is his pattern. Good luck.


    Rombom's close associate attorney Gary Kurtz is representing Blue China Group who are being sued by my MYSPACE so Steve Rombom got a photo of a sex offender from the Internet, went to a library or internet cafe and opened a myspace account then uploaded the picture. He used this fabricated evidence to con CNET into running a story. CNET was used in an attempt to discredit MYSPACE as retribution for suing Blue China Group, which Rombom has a stake in. The message here is drop the lawsuit or receive more fabricated bad press. This is an article about the MYSPACE lawsuit from SC MAGAZINE:

    MySpace filed a lawsuit against Hong Kong-based Blue China Group Ltd. and three individuals, alleging the defendants engaged in a massive spam operation designed to harass users and generate profits.

    The defendants were behind a two-pronged scheme to overwhelm “friends” of MySpace members with spam, in some cases promoting prohibited items such as marijuana, according to the lawsuit. Last month alone, the defendants allegedly delivered more than 25 million spam messages, many of which contained code that made them impossible to delete. The spammers induced MySpace members to disclose their login credentials – usually through a phishing website – and then used that information to access members' MySpace profiles to distribute unsolicited messages to the members' friends, according to the suit. “MySpace is committed to protecting our community from any abusive misuse of the site,” MySpace Chief Security Officer Hemanshu “Hemu” Nigam said today in a statement. “MySpace is committed (to) punishing those who violate the law and try to harm our members in any way.” MySpace, which has more than 110 million users and is owned by News Corp., says the spam operation caused members to leave the social networking site out of aggravation and increased costs associated with spiked system resources, customer service demands and the need to create new solutions to control the junk messages. The website is seeking unspecified damages. According to MySpace's complaint, the attacks began early this year, with advertisements for www[dot]stalkertrack[dot]com, a website the defendants used to trick MySpace members into revealing their username and password by claiming they could receive a tracker to find out who views their profile. This reaped considerable rewards for the spammers, allowing them to "hijack and use thousands of compromised accounts and to flood the MySpace network and its members with waves of spam promoting commercial websites owned by the defendants and third parties," according to the lawsuit. MySpace says in the lawsuit that it received "voluminous complaints" about the spamming from its members. Despite asking Blue China Group to terminate its actions, the defendants continued with their unwanted assault of messages, in the process violating federal and state anti-spam regulations.

    MySpace says Michael Walczak, a Hong Kong citizen who also lives in Bedford, N.H., is the owner of Blue China Group. Other defendants named are Doru Giuchici of Vancouver, Wash. and Jeremiah Buehre of Kansas City, Mo.

    Blue China Group did not immediately return an email request for comment. According to the "Whois" directory of internet domains, it owns about 1,553 domains.
    Check this Case out for similarities

    This is from the article Rombom used in his attempt to discredit myspace with evidence he fabricated. Note that all CNET could confirm was 6 matches. It would have been simple for Rombom to open these six accounts. The only photos displayed in the article are these:



    Conn. AG to MySpace: Turn over sex offender data

    Elinor Mills

    Steve Rambam, who is the director of private investigative firm Pallorium, said he found 100 registered sex offenders with MySpace profiles. One man used his mug shot as his main photo, while another, who was convicted of using the Internet to solicit a minor for sex, lists a 15-year-old girl as a friend on his MySpace page.

    In carrying out his research, Rambam said he ran a list of 40,000 registered sex offenders against more than 2 million MySpace member pages. He came up with nearly 12,500 likely matches. After comparing the MySpace member photos with mug shots on a registered offender database, Rambam found 100 confirmed matches and said he would have found more if he had continued the research.

    Among those matches, CNET News confirmed that at least half a dozen included registered sex offenders. One member's MySpace profile headline read, "Daddy, Oh My Goodness," while another featured a photo caption that reads, "Never accept a ride from a stranger, unless they give you candy first." A third member, who was convicted of sexual assault, uses violent, misogynistic language on his profile page.

    "Based on the number of hits we're getting as a percentage of genuine MySpace users we believe that there are anywhere from 3,000 to 39,000 sex offenders on MySpace," Rambam said on Friday.

    MySpace is using technology from a company called Sentinel Tech to help find and remove registered sex offenders from the site. According to MySpace, the company takes information members provide when they sign up and information they put on their profile and runs it against Sentinel servers that contain information about registered sex offenders, and follows up with manual checks of suspicious members.

    John Cardillo, chief executive of Sentinel, questioned Rambam's methodology. "We audit our database against all the sites out there, against the states' registries and the federal government registries... It could just be an issue of an individual maybe entering false information and we'll catch them down the road. Without seeing (the research), I can't really comment on it," Cardillo said. "MySpace deploys the most robust and impressive scrubbing apparatus in the business."

    Rambam said he stands by his research. "We have a high degree of confidence that the first 100 matches we've compiled match on first and last name, city and state, exact age, and the photos clearly show the same person," he said. "Because of certain information and certain technology we have available to us, we were able to de-anonymize a lot of data and then do a second scrubbing run."

    The matches all came directly from state sex offender registries and from the Megan's Law sex offender database, all publicly accessible data, Rambam said.

    Rambam did the MySpace research on behalf of California lawyer Gary Kurtz, who is representing a company called Blue China Group in defending itself against a spam lawsuit filed by MySpace. "As part of that defense we are investigating a number of aspects about MySpace, and this pedophile issue popped up as something astounding," Kurtz said. "These sex offenders and the efforts to find them are a small portion of a year-long investigation we conducted into MySpace," Rambam said.

    "MySpace filed a complaint against Blue China Group in federal court in Los Angeles alleging that BCG repeatedly phished and spammed millions of MySpace users," MySpace Chief Security Officer Nigam said in his statement. "Unfortunately, while that lawsuit continues, BCG has apparently decided to raise this unrelated issue without providing any data to support its assertions."

    Rambam said two state attorneys general offices have been in contact with him regarding his research. He found hundreds of potential matches from one of the states on MySpace and is preparing a report to give to that agency next week, he said, declining to name the states.

    Note that Rambam declined to name the State Attorney Generals he was to visit. We have to take his word for this. Is any of this verifiable? Is a child molester going to admit to opening a MYSPACE PAGE? Who is Nigam, who dares to question the great Steve Rombom? April 11, 2006--Fox Interactive Media (FIM), parent of, has appointed industry veteran Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam to oversee safety, education and privacy programs and law enforcement affairs for MySpace, as well as the growing network of FIM properties. Nigam, who currently serves as Director of Consumer Security Outreach & Child Safe Computing at the Microsoft Corporation, brings more than 15 years of experience in online safety for private industry and law enforcement, including serving as a Federal prosecutor against Internet child exploitation for the US Department of Justice, an advisor to a Congressional commission on online child safety, and an advisor to the White House on cyberstalking. Nigam's appointment is effective May 1, 2006. Nigam has no credibility! Did Nigam spend his youth is various mental institutions like Steve? Did Nigam get arrested for terrorism and do two years in federal prison where he was raped? Did Nigam get arrested for impersonating an FBI agent? Is Nigam part of a group of Hackers led by homosexual Emmanuel Goldstien who is under investigation for seducing underage boys? No! All Nigam is is a former Federal Prosecutor. This does not stack up against Rombom's bona fides. Nor does Sentinal Safe stack up to Rambam's private detective agency Pallorium: MySpace joined forces with Sentinel Tech to build Sentinel Safe, a national, searchable, sex offender database to contain information on the estimated 600,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. MySpace and Sentinel Tech donated this technology to provide NCMEC with additional resources to assist federal, state and local law enforcement with their investigations ranging from missing child cases, Internet-facilitated crimes against children, locating registered sex offenders, and potentially identifying fugitives.

    "Through this donation, NCMEC will have access to the most cutting edge technology available today to identify non-compliant and registered sex offenders so it can provide better assistance to law enforcement agencies across the nation” said John Cardillo, CEO of Sentinel Tech, an industry expert on security and a former NYPD Detective. “Sentinel Safe will allow law enforcement, both big and small, the ability to enhance their searches and better track these criminals, making the Internet safer for all.” Who has a better data base, Steve Rombom, or John Cardillo? Little Stevie Rombom of course. Rombom applied to NYPD but was turned down for psychiatric reasons. This proves he is more credible than Cardillo, a former NYPD Detective. Elinor Mills was conned by tall dark and handsome Steve Rombom. She is not alone, Rombom is a world class con man. Gently point out the error she has made, Elinor Mills Email This is a comment someone made about her article:

    Anybody else pick up on this:

    1.) That Rambam is working for a company looking to dethrown Myspace, and in a court case, supposition and innuendo can do a lot to damage credibility.

    2.) A mug shot is EASILY available from the sex registry database - but what IDIOT would use it in a myspace profile???

    3.) The young guy in his 'friends' section is a default addition (its the founder of myspace).

    i.e. Rambam could have created this entry (or others) to give his 'report' more weight than it deserves.

    This whole this thing, and especially this entry, seems really too suspicious. I am not saying child predators aren't on my space, because I believe you will find them everywhere, regardless of how much you try to filter them out. Unless you are willing to assign contact approval to a legally verified adult for every social networking site out there, you will have this problem.

    What I am saying is a company with ulterior motives picks a hot topic to discredit MySpace (that every politician would love to jump on, or risk looking bad for lack of support) while they are supposedly investigating them for an unrelated topic regarding their client.

    This doesn't look so much like an investigation, as it does a simple smear campaign. CNET


    STEALING YOUR OWN IDENTITY Want a laugh? Check out the book that Steve said was going to be published co-authored by him and once again you will find that nothing has materialized. It's all a big con game. Click

    Steve's Intellectual Qualifications: Steve never attended college. The only school he attended was at Pleasantville, NY and was located in a psychiatric institute for disturbed children. At my libel trial Steve's mother claimed he was there because the family ran out of dough and had to farm Stevie out. Farm him out to the nuthouse? Unlikely. As a result of this and other factors a search of Amazon Books reveals 7,000 books on identity theft and not one written by Steve Rombom. Rombom knows about identity theft as he has been impersonating a human being all his life. Rombom is a very good at it because he has been playing the system ever since his mom had him put in a mental hospital at age six. COMPUTER WORLD has fallen victim to Steve. Here is another of Steve's Computerworld articles.


    Private Eye Fails to Produce Evidence on Domino's Sharing Customer Database September 25, 2008

    Having an enormous database of customers, cell phone numbers and addresses from around the country, Domino's Pizza LLC is subject to speculation about abuse of that personal information. One such article was in a CNET news article, The Internet, a Private Eye's Best Friend. A Brooklyn private investigator, Steven Rambam, observes in the article that the Internet is a goldmine for getting personal information. The article elaborates, "Rambam also gets information from marketing databases that gather information on people's buying habits and preferences from frequent-customer cards, surveys, product registrations, actual transactions, and other activities." It then quotes Rambam, saying, "Domino's has built the biggest consumer database in America, and the U.S. Marshals Service, the New York Police Department and collection agencies are using it to track people down."

    Responding to a phone call from Blue MauMau and a follow-up email, Mr. Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications at Domino's, issued this statement a few minutes ago that such claims are simply not true. "We do not sell or give away our customer lists to anyone, despite what this individual[STEVE ROMBOM] claims. He's grossly misinformed. Our customer lists are too important to us, and the trust we have with our customers is too valuable to break. There is no upside for us at all in sharing the information.

    There have been a few instances in which our legal department has received subpoenas from law enforcement agencies who want to tie a specific address to a cell phone number. In those cases, we only provide that information - we do not share entire lists. Any business receiving a subpoena from a law enforcement agency is going to cooperate, of course. In the cases in which we have cooperated, the information has led to the arrest of drug dealers and murderers. For that, we will not apologize.

    As for the accusation that we share information with collection agencies: again, false. Do we use this information to collect money owed to us? Yes, occasionally. That is the only time we would use that kind of information. We do not sell or share it with others. I hope that clears up any questions you have regarding this issue.


    Tim McIntyre

    Private Eye Fails to Produce Evidence on Domino's Sharing Customer Database

    Submitted by Don Sniegowski on Thu, 2008/09/25 - 13:47. food A New York private investigator declared in a series of interviews some two weeks ago that Domino's Pizza was sharing its customer database. The Brooklyn private eye, Mr. Steven Rambam said he would send proof in news clips and a slide presentation of his but has failed to produce any such independent evidence, other than his own account of seeing such a list. Mr. Steve Rambam, [STEVE ROMBOM] a senior director of investigative agency Pallorium, Inc., went on record with CNET and our journal saying, “Domino's has built the biggest consumer database in America, and the U.S. Marshals Service, the New York Police Department and collection agencies are using it to track people down."

    But Domino's was quick and forthcoming in declaring that no, it does no such thing. Tim McIntyre, Vice President of Communications for Domino's Pizza, Inc., stated clearly, “We do not sell or give away our customer lists to anyone, despite what this individual claims. He's grossly misinformed.” When the lack of evidence was first followed up in an email on September 12, Mr. Rambam wrote, "I just returned from overseas yesterday and don't have the time today to drop everything." Mr. Rambam responded to another email on September16, "I said that I'd look for it this week," he wrote.

    A week and a half later, Rambam wrote, "I told you that I would try to find my file, if I had time—emphasis on "if I had time." No independent evidence has been provided to this journal. Mr. Rambam later revised his statement, saying, “Domino's may not be 'selling or giving away' their entire customer file as a bulk data dump, but I have been reliably informed that significant portions of their data, most significantly: CNA [Customer Name and Address] connected to purchasers' phone numbers, does find its way into marketing and telephone number lists.”

    When again asked to produce the reliable information, Mr. Steven Rambam replied to this journal, “I have not had discretionary time to assist you and have been working non-stop since we spoke, which was less than a day after I returned from overseas.” Mr. Rambam later added, “What I said is that Domino's regularly releases info to law enforcement agents, etc., I believe (based on multiple personal observations), without requiring a subpoena. And, once again, you have never asked Domino's the correct question, which is "does ANY PORTION of your data end up elsewhere?" Domino's has consistently and adamantly denied that it shares or sells its database in its entirety or in any portion, other than when law enforcement agents provide subpoenas or in criminal acts against its own stores.

    Tim McIntyre this week once again has emphatically declared, “It does not surprise me that he [Rambam] could provide no tangible evidence to support his claims—because they are false. We do not give away or sell our customer lists to anyone. As we've said, there are occasions in which we work with local police agencies who want to tie an address to a specific cell phone number, and our cooperation in those cases have led to the arrest of drug dealers and murderers. In those cases, we provide the information under subpoena—not because we don't want to be cooperative, but to avoid ridiculous accusations like the one this guy made. We do not sell our lists or sell out the privacy of our customers.”


    45 Broadway

    Rombom says he heads up an international detective firm known as PALLORIUM. There are no Pallorium Offices. This is legal as you can run a Private Detective Agency out of your home but indicates Rombom is a fly-by-night operation. He claims he has offices in numerous countries. He doesn't even have one in New York. Rombom rents a room in Brooklyn but spends most of his time somewhere else. If you check the Yellow pages you come up with:

    45 Broadway 
    New York, NY 10006 Map
    853 Broadway 
    New York, NY 10003 Map
    PO Box 155
    Brooklyn, NY 11236 

    All this listings have the number (212) 969-0286 under them. I visited these buildings and there was no listing for Rombom or Pallorium nor did any of the security people confirm that Pallorium had offices there. Before you hire the Bernie Madoff of the Private Detective world visit these locations and see they are as fradulent as Steven Paul Rombom. If Bernie's customers would have done a little research they would have realized Bernie was not making trades, if Rombom's customers did an investigation they would realize he is not performing investigations.


    Look at his website no street addresses listed just a POB. Look at the layout of the website. It has not changed in 15 years. And Rombom expects his clients to believe that he has offices all over the world but has a rinky-dink website without shockwave flash and other modern apps? Pallorium is Rombom's shell company that only exists on paper. Think about this: If Steve had offices in all these countries as he claims he does then why is a rinky dink website without flash or any sophisticated website applications?

    Check my version of Pallorium.

    Comments of Rombom's article in COMPUTER WORLD removed, "This discussion is closed you can't post new comments SEE CACHED COPY
    Rombom claims familiarity with the the Sado-Masocistic underworld. This is not surprising.




    In December 2007 Rombom went on ABC'S 48 Hours and claimed that he could demonstrate how to find Liz Reed, an identity theft suspect. But Rombom never found her. IT WAS ALL A BIG CON JOB. It was a non story. Reed was apprehended by the Secret Service on February 5, 2008. None of the articles about her arrest mention Rombom having supplied information that aided law enforcement in this investigation. Click here for Romboms latest website SKIPTRACE TV about how he conned 48 HOURS into demonstrating how to find Elizabeth Reed. Note Rombom writes "This page was made available to SKIPTRACE.TV courtesy of Pallorium, Inc" when the two shell entities are one in the same! Nothing ever materializes with Rombom. It is all in the world of the hypothetical, because aside from being a PI Steve is con man.


    Because JUDGE THADDIUS JONES would not let me introduce documents that were given to me by mistake at a federal documents center Rombom got a judgment against me for libel. Judge Jones, who bought his job from Clarence Clarence Norman, HIS FORMER LAW PARTNER, who is now and jail for selling judgeships. When I was in court for the Rambam matter, and the story about Norman broke, I heard Jones tell his bailiff "We were very careful" Jones who was promoted to the Appellate Court by Elliot Spitzer, who resigned as NY governor, only had two notable cases. One in which I was convicted of libel and the other where he tried to bust apart the transit workers union. At least two of the other judges who handled hearings in my case got locked up for corruption. Jones issued an injunction barring me from writing about Rombom that was overturned by the appellate court. Judge Jones warned me that I am not allowed to write that Rombom is a informer, that he spent his youth in mental institutions etc. so I am not going to do that. But under NY State law i can publish the documents that Judge Jones would not let me introduce and I can publish time excerpt from Robert I. Friedman's book on Meir Kahane, The False Prophet

    Steven Rombom was a particularly tragic example of the sort of psychopaths Kahane attracted to the JDL. The violence-prone youth, who, according to court records spent eight years in psychiatric institutions from the age of six, joined the JDL when he was twelve years old over the frantic objections of his doctors and social workers who called JDL officials, begging them not to allow Rombom to get involved in the militant organization. Following Rombom's conviction, his mother spun into a deep depression. His father, Abraham, wrote to the judge pleading for his son's early release from prison, saying that "my marriage has been completely ruined. There is no interest in marital relations on the part of my wife. I cannot talk to her about any subject but Steven.

  • Click HERE to see the docket sheet. Litman represented Rambam until the case was moved to California. Rombom knows a lot about Litman and would have talked had not Litman negotiated a plea deal. CASE.

  • NOTE this about the complaint: "ROMBOM also told W-2 information that he knew about the CI and W-2's daughter, including the names of the CI’s children (W-2's grandchildren) and where W-2's daughter had gone to high school." In this writers opinion the FBI interpreted as threatening the Confidential Informants children - typical Steve Rambam.

  • Click HERE To see how Rambam tried to get off the hook by having key evidence against him supressed on a minor technicality.

  • Click HERE for the rest of the above document.

  • Click HERE to see bogus FBI credentials Rombom used to allegedly intimidate the relatives of a key government witness

  • Click HERE to see the badge Rombom used to allegedly intimidate these Vietnamese immigrants
  • Rambam's case transferred to the West Coast Magistrate Number 06-1446M AUSA Elizabeth Carpenter. He was charged with one count of impersonating an FBI Agent. Rombom also applied for a position with the NYPD but was turned down for psychological reasons. Click here for Associated Press article on Stevie's latest court appearance. Wonder who tipped off the AP that Rambam would be in court? Note how Kinky Friedman says "Steve works on both sides of the law" - what he is saying is that Rombom is probably guilty. Rombom was quoted in Forbes Magazine as saying, "If someone is willing to break the law to get your personal info, there's almost nothing you can do to prevent them," says Steven Rambam, a private investigator in New York


    I have always wondered why Mr. Rambam did not have a witness with him? Did not get clearance from BSIS in California to conduct the investigation, or at least have a licensed California Private Investigator assist him, or perhaps even have subbed this job out to a licensed California Private Investigator? I do know that Mr. Rambam has subbed out other cases that seemed to be critical according to him, like a murder investigation that needed some work performed in Houston, TX. Try to remember this: Just because Law Enforcement can't build a case against a person, does not mean that this person is innocent, and just because Law Enforcement CAN build a case against a person, does not mean that person is guilty... A tough concept for some of us to follow...

  • Click HERE and go about 40 minutes into the program to hear Rambam say that he was having trouble with the United States Attorney in Philadelphia because Rambam had located someone in the witness protection program. Here is how this program was described:

    Steve Rambam stops by the studio to find a "victim" for his talk at HOPE, the story of a passenger who refused to turn off her phone during takeoff, a DEA laptop is lost, biometric identifiers in passports, a tale of doom about technology's growing surveillance powers, Steve tells how TIA has posed a threat to various liberties, the threat matrix, how marketing data is gathered, Steve defines the terms for his "victim," some of the information that can be obtained, the Witness Relocation program, the best method for getting a fake identity, how identity theft works, Steve's upcoming book, Redhackt gives an update on the movie room that will be running around the clock at The Fifth HOPE.


    Look at this website registration, then click here to see a reproduction of the JEWISH MAFIA website which in our opinion was designed to frighten Josef Meyer. It was Meyer's wife and inlaws that Rombom is accused of intimidating. The text I have reproduced was visible only in the VIEW SOURCE mode when I examined the HTML in order to copy it. Click here for the actual website although we doubt if it will be up for too long. Click HERE to see the domain registration.


    After Unstable Steve was released from the loney bin he carried out numerous acts of terrorism against diplomatic installations of the Soviet Union and its slave states. Russ Kellner, who recruited him, was warned that Steve was not all there. He was caught with hundreds of pounds of dynamite, detonators, guns and a silencer. His telephone calls spoke of killing Yassir Arafat. Do you want a convicted former Jewish Defense League terrorist as your private investigator?

  • Click HERE to see Pacer traces on Rambam from his 1976 TERRORISM CASE and from his latest case.
  • Click HERE To observe how Rambam had the terrorism case sealed so that when the JDO tried to present documents to substantiate the charges we made on the JDO website the judge in our libel case would not admit the documents as evidence.

  • You can draw your own conclusions about whether RAMBAM should have been granted a private eye license and a concealed weapons permit in several states. at the time Rambam was in Pleasantville it was a center for severely disturbed children. most kids were sent there by the court. Note "institutions he has seen for eight years of his young life" note: "since the age of six" the last page are some of the terrorism charges leveled against him. The JDO has been enjoined by judge Thaddeus Jones from revealing why we believe Rombom was granted a concealed weapons permit and a PI license.

  • Click HERE to see court testimony barred from Rambam v JDO that indicates by the time Rombom went to court on terrorism charges he spent half his life in what are mental institutions aka insitutions for severly disturbed children.


  • Click here to see how Steve forgot to mention his bust on his website. It should be noted that Rambam was responsible for the imprisonment of a nazi concentration camp guard and the nazis in Canada do hate his guts. what was his motive in my opinion? TO GET MONEY FROM THE CANADIAN JEWISH COMMUNITY "The CJC never contributed in any way financially or logistically to our work,” says Rambam. “I have asked them on numerous occasions for assistance of one kind or another to set up their own investigative unit. I also asked them to fund activities towards pursuing war criminals in Canada.”

  • Click HERE To see the original lawsuit Rambam filed against the JDO in 1997 in his effort to prevent the truth getting out about him. Someone unbeknownst to AJ Weberman copied an early JDO page with references to Rambam. Click HERE to see it.


    Steve Rambam got a judgment against the JDO and myself because I was not allowed to present court documents at my libel trial that my facts about Ramban were based upon. The documents had been given to me by mistake by an Archives clerk in Bayonne, New Jersey. The slimeball Steve Rambam and his pathetic cheap attorney Gary Kurtz was able to get a judge to sign an order turning over my paypal jdo and acidtrip accounts to him, however, there was nothing in them. Then he tried to get the money I received from the award winning movie The Ballad of AJ Weberman. The judge ruled that he was only entitled to 25% which is BS cause the judgment was made under New York Law and that is 10%. After this - having received an unfavorable ruling - Rambam's attorney switched judges and went to Beverly Hills where anomosity against garbology - the study of celebrity trash - runs high.

    It was in this cherry-picked environment, that the Shyster Gary Kurtz and Steve Rambam's latest stunt was to try to remove this page and other pages from the internet by claiming that the urls are an asset of AJ Weberman's since they are registered in my name. The subtrafuge: Since Rombom got a judgment against Weberman for calling Rombom an FBI snitch who spent his formative years in the looney bin the URLS should be seized and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The acidtrip and JDO websites contain incriminating information against Rombom that he wishes to supress, since the URLS have no value and Rombom has said if they are put up for auction by a receiver he will buy them and subtract what he thinks they are worth from the judgment. Rambam already got an ex parte restraining order on the website address. Right now a default judgment has been entered against me because Kurtz sent the Complaint to my POB certified mail. I don't go there very often and when I picked it up I signed for it. You can see if you click HERE that I received the letter on February 21, 2007 and sent out my reply 4 days before the 30 day deadline. I had sent out a motion to force Kurtz to send the material to my home so this would not happen which the Judge ignored. Kurtz sent me a pleading in which he mentioned that out of state recipients of summons have 40 days to answer. The judge knew this, the clerks knew this but the fix was in. The judge ruled the default should be vacated but kept it in place until Rombom seized the URLS then granted Rombom's motion for dismissal of the action against me and ruled the default was mute. I was deprived of my property without due process of law. My friends, hearing of this injustice, chipped in a registered these web address that they are letting me use for free. This one has steverombom in the url so it is going pop up when anyone Googles Rombom. Also check out LISA HART COLE for the whole megilla, the entire story. So Gary Kurtz was able to bribe the court clerk of Judge Lisa Hart Cole into issuing a bogus default judgment so it comes as no surprise that Judge Cole has recently been the subject of a Racketeering Complaint.

  • Click HERE for Rombom's Creditors Action for Equitable and Injunctive Relief dated January 13, 2007 asking for the seizure of URLS registered in my name such as Dylanology as relief for a libel judgment

  • Click HERE for Rombom's ex-parte Application for a Temporary Restraining Order and an Order to Show Cause re Preliminary Injunction. Memo of Points and Authorities Declaration of Gary Kurtz dated January 17, 2007 in which he admits the real motive of this action is to remove offensive material as he was under the misapprehension that seize of the urls was tantamount to seizure of the files on the server. 2007

  • Click HERE for Weberman's pleading asking judge not to issue injunction that Rombom desired dated January 23, 2007

  • Click HERE for Rombom's reply to the above document dated February 7, 2007

  • Click HERE for Weberman's answer to Rombom's complaint dated March 16, 2007

  • Click HERE for Weberman's pleading for change of venue dated April 6, 2007




    This website caused Kurtz to loose another big client in July 2011 so he is trying to get the URL's my friend lets me use seized from him at first without suing said third party. This degenerate sex-addict reprobate wanted to subvert the very essence of American jurisprudence by seizing these URL leases from Dave Bernis without due process of law. Due process of law means papers have to served on Bernis as the property is his. This human canker sore claimed he could not determine who the URLs were registered to so he named them as John Does making it impossible for them to be served and circumventing due process. His partner in crime and debauchery, Steve Rombom, is supposed to be an Internet sleuth. Rombom submitted a declaration in this action. No mention of the logical move of going to INTERNIC WHOIS and looking for the registrants of these URLs in the Declaration. Based on Rombom's false declaration that he could not locate the owner of the URLs Kurtz was able to convince a judge to issue an order stopping me from transfering these websites. But the sites are not in my control. So ENOM notified Bernis about the court order which issued after an ex parte session. Kurtz claimed it had to be ex parte as I would register the sites outside the US if I found out about his complaint. But even if I did that they would still have to go through ENOM who has a monoloply on URLs in the United States. I filed a Motion for Summary Judgment but did not file it in time so it was denied. It did cause Kurtz to file 2 amended complaints naming Bernis as a co-def. Kurtz never mailed me a copy of either and after ordered to by Judge Huey Cotton he sent me one with a certificate of service dated in April proving he never mailed me the amended complaint. How could I have answered it if I have not received it. Bernis Complaint



    Motion for Summary Judgment in Kurtz v. Weberman


    Kurtz was supposed to send me a copy of this order but of course he did not. This is going to be some trial. In order to prove that Kurtz's real intent is to seize my friend's URLs that I publish on so that I cannot expose his perversions I intend to subpeona all the prostitutes he hires to tie him up in his bondage schtick. They are easy enough to locate. I just have to do a little Hollywood garbology and I will have press coverage of the trial. Kurtz expected a Default Judgment as Judge Kaddo issued. Kaddo issued a 1.5 million dollar judgment againt me based on a technical error - I forgot to set a date for a hearing on my motion. One would think he would have given me some leeway as a pro-se defendant but he was out to hang me. I also intend to subpeona a "Starr" witness.


    Only document available electronically of Kurtz divorce. His ex-wife was sick of him spending all his money on whores like the crack addict scum he is so she dumped him. Sooner or later Kurtz is going to contract an STD!

    Deadbeat dad Gary Kurtz was found guilty of 15 counts of contempt of court for not paying alimony and child support. Kurtz got 30 days jail time suspended w/ 1 yr probation w/ 3 conditions including 300 community service hours. The maggot was suspended from practicing law. So he paid his wife a mere pittance of what he owed and got his license back. He should be disbarred because he is supposed to be an "officer of the court" and he is not.



    Several months ago I was contact via facebook with the ex-wife of Gary Alan Kurtz. She sent me Gary's secret email . When I googled it I discovered that Gary Alan Kurtz Steve Rambam's friend, business partner and attorney is a freakin pervert. Who would know Kurtz better than his own wife. This is my source for this stuff, I would have never figured it out by myself. If you have any doubts message her on Facebook and ask. Check this out: a list of the sex workers frequented by Kurtz, their comments about him and their pictures!! X-rated like Kurtz's sex life. Click Kurtz's HO's to see the women Kurtz has humiliate him. I can't fit it all on this page!!!! NEWS FLASH: GARY REACHES LEVEL FOUR ON HUMANPLEX JOHN AND HOOKER RATING PAGE. Click HERE 50 yr old man with under 25 yr old hookers.


    Gary Alan Kurtz, is a sexual pervert, a masochist and a degenerate. Kurtz likes to get tied up and beaten only by female dominatrixes, call girls, sugarbabies, prostitutes, he does not care, but they must be female no trannies. He calls himself a bottom which means he is the submissive partner in the festivities. Even the prostitutes he frequents hate him, say he wants to be a sex slave but really wants to kill the woman that is beating his Jewish ass. He has a split personality and a bad odor! If you call Kurtz's office and his secretary says, "He's all tied up" she ain't just whistlin Dixie!


    The maggot's father was Nathan Kurtz a sleazy Mafia attorney from New Jersey turned snitch. Nathan Kurtz, born Jan. 10, 1935, committed suicide in Miami on June 15, 1980. Kurtz told his ex-wife that he had connections with the Mafia of New Jersey due to his father and he was going to have her beat up. Nat was a snitch. I wouldn't be surprised if his suicide wasn't a suicide at all. Check the other libel cases and other cases involving Kurtz by clicking HERE In one of these cases Kurtz is suing Terry Navarro for saying that he engaged the services of a prostitute in front of his underaged son. What a sleazeball. He deserves a sound beating - no wait - he would enjoy that too much.


    The photo is of Kurtz's great, great grand-daddy, Winthrop Alden Kurtz, the only settler in Salem, Mass to voluntarily allow himself to be pilloried once a week, in fact he demanded it! Alas his descendant, the sick perv Kurtz knows all the Judges in LA. He has practiced law for decades and once had an office in Van Nys where the Kaddo Kangaroo Court is located. I was sued by Gary Kurtz in Superior Court in Los Angeles for this website. I drew up a motion challenging jurisdiction but failed to arrange a date for oral agruments. Rather than Judge Kaddo's court notifying me that the motion could not be filed Judge Kaddo and Kurtz waited until the time I had to answer the complaint elapsed and held a ex parte hearing during which Kurtz got a default judgment. When I tried to have the default judgment quashed on the basis of lack of jurisdiction, Kaddo ruled against me. He cited the fact that I had asked the first judge in this case, Judge Micheal Harwin, to recuse himself after the Judge stated that he would come to New York City and try me there if he had to. This was a set up. Harwin knew that if I asked him to recuse himself I would unknowingly negate my jurisdiction argument. After I discovered Judge Kaddo's terrorist connections I asked him to recuse himself. He refused. He said that I would be "served with papers" about his judgment. The case against me by ROMBOM associate Kurtz ended up going nowhere. Judge Kaddo issued a judgment against me and Kurtz did not mail it to me so I lost my chance to appeal. I finally received when he brought the latest complaint against me.


    There were no hearings on the facts of the case. This was a default judgment because I failed to set a hearing date on my answer to Kurtz's complaint and was never notified of this mistake by the court clerk. Judge Kaddo took Kurtz's word for the amount of the damages despite his having written.
    The facts do not preponderate as to the allegations such that the amount sought as damages is reasonable and not speculative. Further the court has no power to issue an injunction against the conduct that is outside its jurisdiction.

    Look at Kurtz's idiotic pleading:

    This Court has expressed concern about enforcement of an injunction in New York. The full faith and credit clause in the United States Constitution answers that concern. The injunction, and or any contempt sentence, would be entered as a sister state judgment in New York and enforced there. While such an injunction is unusual and subject to limits and exceptions, the instant situation fits within the body of law that would allow the issuance of an injunction. This was addressed in the reasoning of Smith v. Superior Court, 41 Ca1.App.4th 1014 (1996), where the Court explained that the full faith and credit clause would permit the sister state enforcement of an injunction between the same parties (the Smith case did not involve the same parties, so the injunction was not enforced), subject to a public policy exception. See also Advanced Bionics Corp. V Medtronic, Inc., 29 Ca1.4th 697 (2002). New York law does not seem to restrict enforcement of a defamation injunction. See American Civil Liberties Union, Inc. v. Kiely, 40 E2d 451 (2nd Cir. 1930); Stringfellow . Haines, 309 F.2d 910 (2nd Cir. 1962). Both cases are attached hereto as Exhibit "C." For the reasons stated above, the requested default judgment, with a monetary judgment in the amount of $1,175,289.25 and injunctive relief should be issued.

    In other words Kurtz wanted me to be tried under the laws of California and punished under those laws in New York. Sister State judgments deal with monetary damages not contempt citations. The only way that Kurtz could have had me locked up for exposing him is if Judge Kaddo cites me for criminal contempt and I am extradited to California which Judge Kaddo is not going to do because it will reveal that he has a hardarm for me. Note how Kurtz cites a case where an injuction was not enforced and argues "New York law does not seem to restrict enforcement of a defamation injunction" well Kurtz "does not seem to" be a degenerate but he is anyway. Kurtz wanted Judge Kaddo to make new case law. In any event Kurtz would have had to hire a New York lawyer unless Judge Harwin was willing to move here and do it pro bono. You never know. If Kurtz wants to shut me down he should have sued me in the proper jurisdiction and lay out 50K to do so. Kurtz claimed to have received "horrifed called from family members" about this webpage. Check this out,

    Mr. Weberman himself as created some or all of the alleged third-party content. For example, "The Bondage" site asserts that GARYK91364 is from "British Columbia." Mr. Weberman once shared the same lawyer as Mr. Lubymer Prytulak (against whom the plaintiff has a $250,000 defamation judgment) who is from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. It is possible that the two defamers have conspired."

    Prytulak is a Nazi. I dont talk to Nazis, I eradicate them. What do I need an attorney in Canada for anyway? I haven't been there in 25 years but Kurtz was there getting his judgment. He put British Columbia on the S&M site to mask his identity. Kurtz disqualified from case for conflict of intererst


    Click HERE to see more documents in Kurtz and Kaddo v. Weberman.

    Avatars beware: Private investigators scouring Second Life Tue Jul 22, 2008 2:13pm PDT

    By Eric Reuters

    Kurtz's secret life has thrown new light on Steve Rambam's made up story about how he tracked someone down in the S&M underworld. Notice how there is no independent verification that what Rombom is saying is not invented, no names etc no court case no nothing.

    Be careful, that avatar on your sim could be a real-life private investigator, sent in to report on what you’re up to in your Second Life. Last weekend, veteran private investigator Steven Rambam of detective firm Pallorium came to New York to give a talk about privacy and investigation techniques at the Hackers On Planet Earth conference. After Rambam told attendees how he tracked down one target inside Second Life, Reuters caught up with the private detective to find out what happened.

    Rambam’s client told him this story: Twenty years ago as a child, he had been molested by one of his grade school teachers, a trauma he never fully recovered from. “The client believes/d that pedophiles don’t ‘retire’ — I absolutely agree — and he wanted to prevent the target from molesting anyone else,” Rambam said in an email. “We were retained to investigate, gather evidence, and if evidence was found then convince the target to retire from teaching.” So Rambam started looking into his target — now an assistant principal — and discovered the man was a Second Life user. Pallorium investigators logged into Second Life and tracked down the man’s avatar, only to discover his Second Life identity was a leather-clad dominatrix.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that. “The avatar by itself would not have been conclusive evidence of anything,” Rambam said. “The most significant evidence that we gathered was collected old-school: we identified other possible victims, interviewed them, and one person told a story very similar to what we’d heard from our client.”

    But Second Life users should be aware, Rambam noted, that investigators are increasingly well-versed at using the virtual world. Rambam caught a lucky break in tracking down the man. When Kevin Alderman hired private investigators to track the real-life identity of avatar Volkov Catteneo, Alderman had to work from IP addresses. Without giving away the tricks of his trade, Rambam said he came across his target’s avatar name “during a very preliminary phase of our investigation.”


    The following is a letter I received in the mail from Erika Brotman:

    Meadowbrook Manor 3951 East Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90066
    Psychiatric Skilled Nursing Facility

    Erika Brotman is housed there as of 2007. One of the reasons she is there is because, knowing full well that she was mentally disturbed, Gary Kurtz had sex with her while she was his client. Steve Rombom helped him cover it up. Baruch Cohen is an ordained rabbi and attorney. He was formerly Gary Kurtz's office mate. He will confirm that Gary Kurtz admitted to fucking Erika Brotman. Baruch Cohen can be reached at 323-937-4501.Also why didn't the FBI get California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to prosecute Rombom for illegally using a badge if they couldn't get him on federal charges. California private eyes aren't allowed to use badges. It is a crime.

    Click HERE to see actual letter.


    Rabbi Baruch C. Cohn knows that his former associate Gary Kurtz is guilty of raping a mentally ill client then covering it up by having her committed. When I spoke to him on the phone he did not say, "That is absurd, Gary would never do something like that!" or "That woman is crazy" all he said was that he was afraid of getting sued if he confirmed this. Rabbi Cohn holds himself up as an ethical model to other Jews and is the author of a famous piece on medical ethicsThe Ethics Of Using Medical Data From Nazi Experiments when in reality, money, vis a vis ethics, is the bottom line. May G-D mete out punishment to you in the hereafter, Rabbi, for your silence.


    Independent Research Associates
    318 3rd Avenue Suite 520
    NYC 10010

    I run a website that makes reference to Gary Kurtz and contains material alleging that he is guilty of wrong doing. As a result I have been contacted by several people who claimed to have been wronged by him. I received the attached letter at my Post Office Box. The stamp was covered with scotch tape so I could not determine the postmark. I have attached a copy of the letter to this complaint.

    My assistant was able to verify the fact that Erika Brotman was once a patient at Meadowbrook Manor. I spoke with Rabbi Cohen who said that he would not verify this as he was afraid that if he did so he would be the subject of a slander or libel suit by his former associate Mr. Kurtz.

    This letter was written by Erika Brotman because she would be the only person conversant with all the players in this sad episode. If Erika Brotman and Rabbi Cohen were questioned by someone more authoritative than myself, they might provide enough evidence to disbar Mr. Kurtz for ethic violations. Thank you for keeping the standard high. AJ Weberman 5/12/2009. California Bar Association responds The sleazebag Kurtz is guilty of rape. The maggot raped Erika knowing full well she had a serious mental illness as he was her attorney and would later have her committed. Kurtz must be brought to justice! Needless to say a complaint has been filed w / the CA. AG. Click HERE

    SECTION 261-269 
    261.(a) Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a
    person not the spouse of the perpetrator, under any of the following
    (1) Where a person is incapable, because of a mental disorder or
    developmental or physical disability, of giving legal consent, and
    this is known or reasonably should be known to the person committing
    the act.  Notwithstanding the existence of a conservatorship pursuant
    to the provisions of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act (Part 1
    (commencing with Section 5000) of Division 5 of the Welfare and
    Institutions Code), the prosecuting attorney shall prove, as an
    element of the crime, that a mental disorder or developmental or
    physical disability rendered the alleged victim incapable of giving

    Gary Kurtz filed a lawsuit against me a few months before I developed this information. Where did my initial info on him originate from? Kurtz was getting threatening calls so he changed his phone number and called everyone on his list to tell them it had been changed. But he continued get the death threats and sent his new, new number out to his email address list. Instead of BCC he used CC so I got the list. He didn't realize that after he answered one of my emails my email address automatically went to his address book. You can see it at The list revealed the names of individuals being charged with criminal violations involving nursing homes and those appointed to regulate nursing homes.

    Kurtz is asking a Judge for an injunction to shut down this website. Do you blame him? He may lose his license to practice law, go to prison as a result of this KURTZ CLEARING HOUSE website. If you have info on Kurtz or Rombom send it to AJ Weberman, 318-3rd Avenue Suite 520 NY NY 10010 if you don't want to email me.



    before i talk i want to know what you can do for me/help me with? I am 14 years old and Rombom came to my house and threatened me saying if i did not cooperate i would be sent to jail and be raped. He also flashed a badge.

    Thnk You,

    H.G. ----- Original Message ----- From:
    To: "AJ Weberman"
    Sent: Thursday, April 05, 2007 8:10 PM
    Subject: Re: victimized by rambam

    I am Harrison T. Gevirtz, a 14 year old boy from santa barbara california. He and Gary Kurtz are representing a spam company out of Hong Kong which is suing me for being an "extortionist" i was never anything of that kind and am in the middle of a change of venue so the case will just sit for a few months. They came to my house on a sunday and told me that if we cooperated we would be free to go; of course that was not true. What else do you want? Steven Rambam is someone who is trying to shake down my family. Him and his little bitch Kurtz are using unethical means of prosecution to try and win a lawsuit which shouldn't even be deemed as a lawsuit Harrison T. Gevirtz
    p.s. do you know if rambam works with a detective by the name of Franklin??


    Armed with Kurtz's email and client list I found a pattern of corruption that needs investigating by the California Attorney General's Office. Among those he is in communication with are corrupt civil judges and members of institutions that are supposed to oversee nursing homes, old age homes etc. The name "Bernard Bergman" comes to mind.The case of Bernard Bergman in the mid-1970s was a prime example of this sort of thing since it involved a businessman accused of tax fraud in his nursing homes, as well as allegations that he was keeping his patients living in inhumane squalor. Gary Kurtz is schtick dreck. Have a beef with Kurtz? Email his clients and warn them about him:

    If you want your name removed from this list I suggest you call Kurtz, not me, as he sent it to me!"



    Richard Baltin

    Brian Barry

    Matthew Berger

    Barry Bradley


    Gabrielle Cass

    Angelina Darling

    Marty Davis

    Delanie One of Kurtz's victims

    Jack Dicanio


    Cynthia Elkins

    Robynne Elly

    Kim Esch

    Richard Fayerman KURTZ's MOUTHPIECE


    Linda Frazier

    jacqueline garcia

    dov goldner

    dov goldner


    Sol Goldner
    Sol Goldner


    Michael Gottschlich Attorney at Law

    Manifestation Guru

    Nick Hariton
    NEUROLOGICAL WITNESS FOR HIRE Daniel Harkins Angela Harris Kimberly Howatt INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWYER Christian Humphreys

    Robert Kasirer

    Garland Kelley ANOTHER ATTORNEY

    sarah kinnally

    Gary Kurtz

    Jisoon Lee

    robert letteau

    Jeff Levinson

    J Love


    Ronnie Mayer

    Rebecca McCormack

    kian nejad

    Misty Orman Orman is washed up D Film actress

    OxoxJackiexoxO@aol STEVE ROMBOM

    Omega Photography



    Represented Golden State Health Centers, Inc., Los Angeles CA Healthcare Holdings, Inc., Los Angeles CA

    Gary Schireson former Kibbutznick. What is doing with Kurtz?

    Delanie Seman Engineer

    Perry S. Silver

    Steve Skirvin


    jen star

    Cynthia Veneciano

    Joel W. Walters Sarasota attorney